das buch

Das geheime leben der Bücher Assignment: Character Development, Illustration, Conception About Printing and Cutting writing and inspiring, typography and publisher dreams published by Verlag Herrmann Schmidt Mainz      PDF: Das_geheime_Leben_der_Buecher  


Mensch Mikrobe

Mensch-MikrobeA serie of five animation movies for the exposition mensch-mikrobe, an Assignment of the Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft and the Robert Koch-Institute. client: K-PROJECTS | Kultur- und Eventmanagement Lebensmittelvergiftung Weitere Filme auf die Mediathek der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft:



  Rheo This is an abstract of an onlinepromotion serie of 8 episode, each 2 min. an assignment for difficulté wänkü client:medquarter ag & merck serono gmbh the issue: explanation of the development and properties of a new medicament against rheumatoid arthritis